Patterns, sequences and series Grade 12 Questions and Answers

Patterns, sequences and series Grade 12 Questions and Answers:

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Arithmetic sequences

We define an arithmetic sequence as follows:

a , a+d; a+2d; a+3d; a+4d; a+(n-1)d

  • a the value of the first term
  • d is the common difference between terms, d=t2-t1=t3-t2=tn-tn-1
  • Tn is the value of the term position n, so Tn=a+(n-1)d
  • n is the position of a term and can only be positive whole number, also known as a natural number

An arithmetic sequence is a sequence where consecutive terms are calculated by adding a constant value (positive or negative) to the previous term. We call this constant value the common difference (dd).

For example,3;0;−3;−6;−9;…

Consider the arithmetic sequence 3; 7; 11;15;…….99

T1=3, T2=7, T3=11

d1=T2-T1=7-3=4 , d2=T3-T2=11-7=4, d3=T4-T3=15-11=4

Since d1=d2=dwe have a common difference of 4

The first term is given by a=3 and the common difference is given by d=4

We use a and d to determine the nth term formula in the sequence





To prove that the formula is correct, you can check the formula by substituting n=1 to obtain the value of T1 and n=2 to obtain the value of T2 and so on

If n =1, then T1=4(1)-1=3

If n=2, then T2=4(2)-1=7

If n=3, then T3=4(3)-1=11

Tn=4n-1 is a correct formula and can be used to determine the position of any term in the sequence

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Worked Example

Consider the arithmetic sequence 2; 6; 10;14;………..

  1. What is the common difference
  2. State the values of the next two terms in the sequence
  3. Determine a formula for the nth term of the sequence
  4. Determine the value of the of the twenty fifth term
  5. Which term has a value of 46?
  6. Is 72 a term in the sequence? Justify your answer.


  1. d1=T2-T1=6-2=4
  2. The common difference is 4, so the next two terms are 14+4=18 and 18+4=22
  3. Tn=a+(n-1)




  1. T25=4(25)-2


  1. 4n-2=46




  1. 4n-2=72




72 is not a term in this sequence because n is not a whole number.

Worked Example 2

Consider the arithmetic sequence 3x-1; 5x-2; 4x+3

  1. Determine the value of x
  2. If x=2 determine the values of the first three terms in the sequence
  3. Determine the nth term in the sequence
  4. Determine the value of the 15th
  5. Which term has a value of 302?
  6. Is 150 a term in the sequence ? Justify your answer fully


  1. d=T-T1=T3-T2






  1. T1=3(2)-1=5, T2=5(2)-2=8 and T3=4(2)+3=11
  2. a= 5, d= 8-5=3



= 5+3n-3

= 3n+2

  1. T15=3(15)+2


  1. 3n+2=302





  1. 3n+2=150




n is not a whole number ,therefore 150 is not a term in this sequence


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