How to create a School Email Address in South Africa

How to create a School Email Address in South Africa? You might ask yourself why is it important for a school to have an email address? Well, every business including schools, should evaluate available technology and determine if there are benefits to using it. Email has helped to create instant global communication and has opened up the capacity for schools to send and receive messages from parents, learners and staff.

Reasons why every school needs to create a School Email Address

Professional business email for a school gets presents an opportunity to boost the school brand in the following ways:

  1. Keeps learners, staff, and parents in the loop.
  2. Builds trust of a school brand.
  3. Develops stronger relationships with parents.
  4. Reaches mobile users.
  5. Attracts more website visitors to your school website.
  6. Saves considerable time.
  7. Provides a consistent and professional form of communication.
  8. Encourages helpful feedback.
  9. Generates leads, leads and more leads.
  10. Provides an ideal platform for storytelling.
  11. Increases brand awareness of a school.
  12. Improves relationships with learners.

How to create a School Email Address in South Africa?

  1. Go to Email Pros (a trusted email registration company)
  2. Select your package
  3. Submit the list of the emails you would like to have
  4. Then, after making a payment you are sorted.

See below:

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