Bryneven Primary School Bryanston 2024 Application Form Fees and Contact Information

Discover the Excellence of Bryneven Primary School

Are you looking for a school that offers more than just academics? A place where your child can grow holistically, nurtured by a caring and dedicated team of educators? Welcome to Bryneven Primary School, where the focus is on preparing children for life, not just exams. Let’s explore what makes this school a top choice for parents and students alike.

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About the School

Located in Johannesburg, Bryneven Primary School aims to provide a quality education that prepares its pupils holistically for life. The school’s philosophy is rooted in nurturing adaptability and empathy among its students. With a reputation for giving maximum opportunities to children, Bryneven is more than just a school; it’s a family that cares for the optimal development of each child. Source

School Fees at Bryneven Primary School: An Investment in Quality Education

Understanding the financial commitment involved in your child’s education is crucial. At Bryneven Primary School, the school fees are structured to ensure that quality education is accessible, while also offering flexibility and discounts to parents.

Approved School Fees for 2023

The fees for the 2023 academic year, ratified at the AGM in November 2022, are as follows:

  • Grade R: The total fee for the year is R56,320.00, which can be paid in 11 monthly instalments of R5,120.00 each.
  • Grade 1-7: The annual fee is R39,556.00, also payable in 11 monthly instalments of R3,596.00.
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Early Payment Discounts

For parents of children in Grades 1-7, the school offers a 6% discount if the full annual fee is paid before 31 January 2023. The discounted amount comes to R37,183.00, allowing you to save R2,373.00.

Fees for 2024: Important Notice

Please note that the school fees for the 2024 academic year are subject to change. Parents are advised to stay updated with the school’s official announcements for the most accurate information.

By investing in Bryneven Primary School, you’re not just paying for an education; you’re investing in a future filled with promise and potential. The school’s fee structure, complete with flexible payment options and early payment discounts, is designed to make this invaluable investment as manageable as possible for parents.

For more information on school fees and other financial details, you can visit Bryneven Primary School’s official website.


Bryneven Primary School offers a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond academic achievement. The focus is not just on success in examinations but also on creating a secure and caring environment where learners can experience success and achieve their full potential.


For a visual tour of the school, you can visit their photo gallery on the official website. The gallery showcases various aspects of school life, from academic activities to extracurricular events.

How to Apply

The application process at Bryneven Primary School is streamlined and user-friendly. Parents can find all the necessary information about online admissions criteria on the school’s official website. Full recognition is given to the important influence that educators can have on children during their formative years, making Bryneven a top choice for parents.

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School Location

Bryneven Primary School is situated at the corner of Ballyclare and Ballina Roads in Bryanston, Johannesburg. If you’re interested in visiting the school or enrolling your child, these directions will guide you to its location. For more information, you can also visit Bryneven Primary School’s official website.

Extracurricular Activities

Bryneven Primary School offers a range of cultural and sporting extramural activities. The aim of their extramural programme is to involve as many children as possible, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Message from the Principal

Mr. N Nakooda, the Principal of Bryneven Primary School, emphasizes that the school has motivated and caring educators who provide opportunities for the optimal development of each child. The focus is on allowing your child to become a well-rounded and disciplined individual, enabling them to reach their full potential.


Bryneven Primary School is not just an educational institution; it’s a nurturing environment that prepares your child for the challenges and opportunities that life has to offer. With a focus on holistic development, a broad curriculum, and a dedicated team of educators, Bryneven Primary School is undoubtedly a top choice for quality education.

For more information, feel free to visit their official website. Your child’s journey to excellence starts here!

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