Midrand High School 2025 Application Form Fees and Contact Information

Midrand High School is a beacon of educational excellence that began its journey in 1993, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Brian Algie and Speedo Horn, among others. From its humble beginnings in a storage office at Halfway House Primary School, it has grown into a prestigious institution known for its academic, cultural, and sporting achievements.

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Midrand High School Midrand 2025 Admission Fees and Contact Information for Application

Here are some key facts about Midrand High School:

  • Founded in 1993 by Brian Algie and Speedo Horn.
  • First Location: Started on the premises of Halfway House Primary School, in an office used for storing toilet paper.
  • Moved to Halfway Gardens Campus in 1993 with 73 learners.
  • First Principal: Brian Algie, remembered for his significant contribution to the school’s legacy.
  • First Vice Principal: Emile Nel.
  • First Heads of Department (HODs): Michelle Whitfield (English) and Almarie van Zyl (Afrikaans).
  • Leadership Evolution: After Mr. Algie, Mrs. Almarie Van Zyl led the school from 2005 to June 2016, followed by Mrs. C Reddy in an Acting capacity.
  • 21st Anniversary in 2014: Celebrated numerous successes in sports, culture, and academics, highlighting students like Marc Ground, Dianne de Bude, and Anthony van Zyl.
  • Academic Excellence: High matric pass rate with over 60% Bachelor passes, making it one of the “100 Circle of Excellence Schools” of the Alan Gray Orbis Foundation.
  • Corporate Support: Benefitted from partnerships with Johnson & Johnson, FHI 360, and NBI through the Bridge to Employment (BTE) program.
  • Global Exposure: Opportunities for students include the Global Young Leaders Conference and bi-annual overseas tours.
  • Competitive Achievements: Excellence in competitions like the SA Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee Competition and the UN debating competition.

Midrand High School has not only provided a platform for academic excellence but also nurtured talents in sports and culture, making it a preferred choice for parents who prioritize comprehensive education. The school’s commitment to creating world-ready individuals is evident in its innovative approaches and the diverse opportunities it offers its students.

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Midrand High School believes in the following principles in relation to the Gauteng Department of Education on South Africa, and aims to produce learners that are able to:

  • identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking;
  • work effectively as individuals and with others as members of a team;
  • organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively;
  • collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information;
  • communicate effectively using visual, symbolic and/or language skills in various modes;
  • use science and technology effectively and critically showing responsibility towards the environment and the health of others; and
  • demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation.

Midrand High School Subjects

As this is a secondary school, the school offers Secondary Level subjects. Secondary level subjects include: Senior Phase (Grade 8 – 9), as well as FET phase (Grade 10 – Grade 12).

Senior Phase subjects (Grade 8 – 9) offered at the school are: Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Life Orientation, and Creative Arts.

FET Phase subjects (Grade 10 – Grade 12) offered at the school are: Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Accounting, History, Geography, Agricultural Sciences, Economics, Business Studies. (Please consult the school to learn more).

2024 School Fees

Let’s break down Midrand High School’s fees for 2024 in a super easy way (estimates):

  • Yearly Fee: R19,300
  • Monthly Option: You can pay R1,930 each month for 10 months.

Discounts Available:

  • Pay in full by December (of the previous year): Get 15% off.
  • Pay in full by January 31: Get 10% off.
  • Pay in full by February 28: Get 5% off.

How Payments Work: First, your payments will clear any old fees you might owe. After that, they go toward this year’s fees.

Extra Costs to Keep in Mind:

  • Personal School Items: You’ll need to cover the cost of some textbooks, stationery, and other school supplies.
  • Special Classes: Extra fees for materials in subjects like Computer Studies, IT, Consumer Studies, Visual Arts, and EGD (CAD).
  • Activities and Gear: Costs for school uniforms, sports clothes, and gear for clubs or teams. Plus, any cultural activities, competitions, school events, dances, tours, and trips.
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So, that’s the gist of it! You’ve got a few ways to save some money with early payments, and a heads-up on the extra bits you’ll need to budget for.

2025 School Fees

Alright, let’s look ahead to Midrand High School’s fees for 2025, with a little update considering a 7% increase. Here’s a simplified breakdown, but remember, for the most accurate and up-to-date fees, it’s best to check directly on the school’s website at https://midhigh.co.za/index.html.

  • Yearly Fee for 2025 (estimated with a 7% increase): R20,631
  • Monthly Option: Spread out, this comes to about R2,063 each month over 10 months.

Discounts if You Pay Early:

  • Full payment by December (the year before): You get a 15% discount.
  • Full payment by January 31: There’s a 10% discount waiting for you.
  • Full payment by February 28: Enjoy a 5% discount.

How Your Payments are Applied:

  • Any payment you make first goes toward clearing any outstanding fees from previous years. After that, it’s applied to the current year’s fees.

Extra Costs to Plan For:

  • School Supplies: Costs for certain textbooks, stationery, and other supplies as required by the school.
  • Special Classes: There are additional fees for materials in courses like Computer Studies, IT, Consumer Studies, Visual Arts, and EGD (CAD).
  • Extracurricular Activities: Expect to cover additional expenses for school uniforms, sports outfits, equipment, cultural activities, competitions, school events, dances, tours, and other trips.

Keep in mind, these are estimated figures based on a 7% increase for 2025. The most reliable source for fee information is the school’s own website. So, for the latest and most accurate details, definitely give their site a visit!

Midrand High School Contact Details

If you’re looking to get in touch with Midrand High School or want more information about their programs, here’s all you need to know to reach out:

Contact Details:

  • Phone: 011 315 0676
  • Fax: 011-8052476
  • E-mail: For administrative queries, shoot an email to admin@midhigh.co.za. For general inquiries, reception@midhigh.co.za is your go-to.
  • Website: For more detailed info, visit www.midhigh.co.za.
  • Physical Address: The school is located at the corner of 1st & 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens, Gauteng. It’s a prime spot, easy to find and accessible.
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Whether you’re a prospective student, a parent looking for the best educational opportunities for your child, or just interested in learning more about the school’s achievements and offerings, these contact details will help you connect with Midrand High School.

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2025 Online Application Guide for Gauteng Public Schools

This guide is intended for parents applying for Grade 1 and 8 learners, as well as those relocating from other provinces who need to apply online for Gauteng Public Schools.

Application Process:

Parents of Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners can apply to up to 5 schools per child using the Online Admission System. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the online portal at www.gdeadmissions.gov.za, or
  2. Seek in-person assistance at any Public Ordinary School in your area, any District Office, or the Provincial Department of Education. Additionally, the Office of the Premier, selected public libraries, and community centers are available as walk-in centers to help with applications.

When submitting the initial application, parents can choose from the following application options:

  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Sibling
  • Previous school (applicable only to Grade 8 applications)

Required Documents for Application:

  • Parent/legal guardian’s identification document
  • Proof of home/work address
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Clinic card for Grade 1 applications
  • Current school academic report card for Grade 8 applications

Contacts Information for Gauteng Department of Education:

For any inquiries, please use the following contact details:

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