Hello Parents and Learners in Western Cape, South Africa. Find out all information for ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School,  such as how to register, apply, how much is the School Fee, Uniform, Teachers, Subjects, Principal, Email Address, Contact Number, Application Form, and Pass rate for 2022 – 2023.

About ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School

ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School is located within Central Karoo District in PRINCE ALBERT, PRINCE ALBERT , South Africa. ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School falls within Prince Albert Local Municipality, EDEN AND CENTRAL KAROO. This is a Public Secondary School in PRINCE ALBERT, PRINCE ALBERT.

How to register and apply at ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School for 2022?

In order to apply at ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School, you need to contact the school contact person, or visit the school. Check contact information below:

NB: If you are Applying to Public Schools in Western Cape, Parents will be asked to submit the following supporting documents:

  • The last official school report card.
  • ID, birth certificate, passport of the learner.
  • A study permit (foreign learners).
  • Proof of application (study permit) or a police affidavit.
  • Immunisation card (Road to Health Chart, primary schools only).
  • Proof of residence (rates account, lease agreement or an affidavit confirming residence).
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Parents are therefore asked to apply via the WCED admissions website.

Once applications are processed by schools, parents are requested to confirm (or decline) their child’s choice of school for 2022 between May 24 and June 25 this year. Track your application status here

Contact Information

For admission, study, uniform, school’s extramural activities, as well as performance, you will need to contact:

Phone number: 0235411570

Email Address: Not confirmed



What is the School Uniform for ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School and where to buy it?

If you would like to know the approved school uniform for ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School and where to buy it, please contact the school using the contacts listed above.

Which Quintile Level is ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School?

ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School is a quintile level:Q5

Is there a School Fee Payable to Study at ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School?

When it comes to School Fees, please note that this is a Fee Paying school. However, please confirm with the school Contact Person or Principle to get the updated information.

Exam Center for ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School

If you have been struggling to search for Examination Center Number for ZWARTBERG HOËRSKOOL Secondary School, it is: 1003349.

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