Opportunity Learning Centre online application requirements and fees

Hello Learners. You can study at Opportunity Learning Centre for your next course in 2022. You can apply online based on the requirements of the course. Opportunity Learning Centre is a College which is based in Limpopo province. On this page, you will find important information for Opportunity Learning Centre, such as: application requirements, fees, contact information, types of courses offered (short courses, full-time, part-time, and distance learning if any), and more.

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Both colleges and universities offer post-high school education and training. However, the level of education differs. Colleges provide qualifications up to NQF level 6, which is a certificate or a diploma. Universities offer qualifications from NQF level 7 to NQF level 10, which are bachelor’s degrees up to doctorates.

College Background

Opportunity learning centre is dedicated to giving people a second chance in achieving their goals.

Is Opportunity Learning Centre Accredited in South Africa?

All courses from Opportunity Learning Centre are accredited and recognised in South Africa. More information can be found from the website: www.opportunitylearningcentre.com

Did you know that College (including TVET Colleges) accreditation comes from SETA (Sector Education and Training Authorities)? They regulate qualifications related to specific professions and industries. This actually means that a qualification obtained from a college is industry-related. If a college is unaccredited, it means it is not registered.

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What Courses are Offered at Opportunity Learning Centre?

Opportunity Learning Centre offers the following types of courses according to the Prospectus: National Certificates.

Amongst others, the following courses categories are offered: Engineering Studies, Management Studies

How much is tuition or study fees at Opportunity Learning Centre?

At Opportunity Learning Centre, study fees are based on the qualification you want to enroll, or apply for. It is advisable for all prospective students to find the latest fee structure from the college’s website (www.opportunitylearningcentre.com), or use the contact information below to inquire.


Contact Information

  • Telephone: +27150 650 573
  • Website: www.opportunitylearningcentre.com

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