Nolmn Day Care Centre: Kids Registration Details

Nolmn Day Care Centre is a nursery daycare which is based in Centurion Tshwane. At Nolmn Day Care Centre, young minds are natured and groomed to become valuable and unique in the societies they live in.

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At Nolmn Day Care Centre, Teachers help preschoolers to develop their thinking skills by

  • Providing interesting materials to use and plenty of time to explore them
  • Offering suggestions that encourage more complex play and thinking
  • Asking questions that stretch your child’s thinking

Did you know that Nolmn Day Care Centre is one of the best Preschools / Creches that both parents and kids around Tshwane Centurion hold in high regards?

Why you should apply for your kid at Nolmn Day Care Centre

At Nolmn Day Care Centre, kids have great fun while they learn. On weekly basis, kids go through their daily lessons, which include language arts, math, computer skills, science, music, dramatic arts, fine arts, physical development activities, health and safety, multicultural activities, and activities designed to encourage and enhance social and emotional development. Outdoor time and physical education are important aspects of all learning programs, from infant care to Grade R.

Kids Age Groups:

At Nolmn Day Care Centre, the following age groups are well taken care of.

  • 0-3 years old
  • 4-6 years old
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School Fees

At Nolmn Day Care Centre, there are registration fees payable at the time of application submission. Parents can either choose to pay for tuition fee on a monthly basis or an annual basis.

  • Registration fees: R300 -R800 (please contact the school to confirm)
  • Monthly fees: (please contact the school to confirm)
  • Annual fees: (please contact the school to confirm)

Quick Facts about Nolmn Day Care Centre

Below are the quick facts that should interest parents and learners, should they want to enroll:

  • Nolmn Day Care Centre was registered in 2016.
  • Nolmn Day Care Centre has approximately 24 number of learners.
  • The entire staf (Teachers and Support) total number is around 4.

Application & Contact Details

Below are the contact details for Nolmn Day Care Centre:

  • Telephone:+27
  • Street Address: 16 Frans Street
  • Website: coming soon


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