Meyerton Secondary High School 2024 Application Form Fees and Contact Information

Why Choose Meyerton Secondary School for Quality Education in South Africa?

Five Fascinating Facts About Meyerton Secondary School

  1. Broad Curriculum: Meyerton Secondary School offers a comprehensive set of subjects that cater to various academic interests, from the sciences to the humanities.
  2. Mixed Reviews: The school has received a diverse range of reviews from students and parents, indicating a complex educational environment that excels in some areas while needing improvement in others.
  3. Strategic Location: The school is strategically situated in Meyerton, falling under the jurisdiction of the Sedibeng District Municipality and the Midvaal Local Municipality, making it accessible for residents of the area.
  4. Well-Staffed: With 52 teachers on board, the school is well-staffed, aiming to provide individual attention to each student despite larger class sizes.
  5. High Pass Rate: One of the standout reviews mentions a remarkable 96% pass rate, highlighting the school’s commitment to academic excellence.

Curious to learn how these factors contribute to creating an enriching educational experience? Dive deeper into what Meyerton Secondary School has to offer!

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An Overview of Meyerton Secondary School

Meyerton Secondary School is a renowned educational institution specialising in secondary education. Situated in Meyerton, South Africa, the school operates under the jurisdiction of the Sedibeng District Municipality and the Midvaal Local Municipality. Its National EMIS number is 700332117, certifying it as an officially recognized secondary school in South Africa.

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Contact Information for Immediate Reach

  • Address: 48 Andrew Murray Ave, Kookrus, Meyerton, 1961
  • Phone: 016 363 2015

Reviews Speak Volumes: A Mixed Bag

Like any institution, Meyerton Secondary School has received a mixed set of reviews from its current and former students. While some laud the school for its great teaching staff and focused learners, others point out areas that need improvement, such as discipline and administrative issues. The diverse set of reviews suggests that while the school excels in certain aspects, there is room for enhancement in others.

School Features at a Glance

  • Phase: Secondary School
  • Specialisation: Ordinary
  • District Municipality: Sedibeng District Municipality
  • Local Municipality: Midvaal Local Municipality

What Makes Meyerton Secondary School Stand Out?

While the school specialises in providing ordinary secondary education, the emphasis on quality teaching is noteworthy. The school aims to provide a holistic education that prepares students for both academic and personal success.

The Power of Reviews: Hear it from the Students

  1. Siyabonga Myato: Cites concerns about the lack of discipline and order but acknowledges the presence of good teachers.
  2. Karla Swanepoel: Expresses disappointment in administrative delays but had initially considered the school as a first choice for quality education.
  3. Lebohang Daniel: Proud to be a matriculant from Meyerton Secondary and regards it as one of the best schools.
  4. Monono Mokhele: Can’t imagine attending any other school and rates it as the greatest.
  5. Reatlegile Molefi: Vouches for the school’s focus on academic excellence and quality teaching.
  6. Tisetso Gahglieh: Highlights an extraordinary 96% pass rate.

Final Thoughts

Meyerton Secondary School offers a blend of quality education and opportunities for personal growth. However, as with any institution, there are areas for improvement. Nevertheless, the positive reviews indicate that many find value in the education provided here, making it a considerable option for prospective students. If you’re looking for a secondary school that aims for educational excellence within the Meyerton area, Meyerton Secondary School is a name you might want to consider.

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School Fees

The school fee at Meyerton Secondary School ranges from R400 – R2000. Please confirm with the school for the accurate amounts.

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