Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2 Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023

Find recent Annual Teaching Plans (ATP) for 2023Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2. Annual Teaching Plans are prescribed by the Department of Basic Education of South Africa. The ATP document for Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2 is a pdf downloadable document. falls within the of education level.

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What are Annual Teaching Plans used for?

Annual Teaching Plans (ATP), are used mostly by Mathematics: IsiXhosa Teachers, Instructional Designers, and Learning Content Creators. They are used to make teaching and learning a more structured process that is aligned with the CAPS learning objectives for Grade 2 learners.

What will you find from Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2 ATP Document?

From every ATP document (pdf) you will find the following useful content for Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2:

  • Examination paper structures and topics (trial, preliminary, mid-year exams)
  • Weekly topics and tasks for term 1, term 2, term 3, and term 4
  • Control Tests, Informal Assessments, School Based Assessments (SBA), and Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT) where applicable.
  • Prescribed learning resources (other than textbooks) to enhance learning

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Mathematics: IsiXhosa Grade 2 Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023

Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023 downloadable document:

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