Information Technology Grade 12 Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023

Find recent Annual Teaching Plans (ATP) for 2023 Information Technology Grade 12. Annual Teaching Plans are prescribed by the Department of Basic Education of South Africa. The ATP document for Information Technology Grade 12 is a pdf downloadable document. falls within the of education level.

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What are Annual Teaching Plans used for?

Annual Teaching Plans (ATP), are used mostly by Information Technology Teachers, Instructional Designers, and Learning Content Creators. They are used to make teaching and learning a more structured process that is aligned with the CAPS learning objectives for Grade 12 learners.

What will you find from Information Technology Grade 12 ATP Document?

From every ATP document (pdf) you will find the following useful content for Information Technology Grade 12:

  • Examination paper structures and topics (trial, preliminary, mid-year exams)
  • Weekly topics and tasks for term 1, term 2, term 3, and term 4
  • Control Tests, Informal Assessments, School Based Assessments (SBA), and Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT) where applicable.
  • Prescribed learning resources (other than textbooks) to enhance learning

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Information Technology Grade 12 Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023

Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for 2023 downloadable document:

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