Indoor Learning Environments in Early Childhood: Grade 0 – Grade R

Indoor learning environments early childhood: Grade 0 – Grade R

Why indoor planning is important in Earlly Childhood?

Children have a natural desire to explore their world. A stimulating setting will enable spontaneous discovery if you prepare their indoor and outdoor environments. Much thought should go into the organisation of materials and spaces to support children’s learning.

List of Indoors Learning Activities in Early Childhood (Grade R)

  • painting,
  • drawing,
  • taking things apart and putting them back together,
  • talking about what they are doing,
  • building with blocks or scrap boxes and materials,
  • cutting and pasting,
  • pretending to write,
  • read,
  • be a doctor, a taxi driver,
  • thinking about how to do things,
  • listening to and making music

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