Grade 10 Accounting Free Study Guide for Download

Grade 10 Accounting Free Study Guide for Download: South Africa CAPS.

Study Tips for Grade 10 Accounting

  • It is important that you do your homework every day – don’t copy.
  • See every exercise as part of your preparation for the test/exam.
  • Do your homework in pen and mark in pencil. After marking the exercise in class, always check your errors. Why did you make the mistake? If you do not understand, ask the teacher to help you.
  • Know all the formats! You can’t do any exercise if you do not know the formats.
  • Internal control (auditing) and ethics must be integrated with all the topics. Know the theory and how to apply it to all the topics.
  • Know all the formulas and ratios. Write them on a paper and stick it next to the mirror. Learn a few every day so when the test/exam comes, you will know your formulas and ratios. Know how to apply and interpret the ratios.
  • In a calculation in accounting, always start at 100% – you either have to subtract or add.
  • In the Financial Statements, if a transaction is recorded during the financial year, work from the end of the financial year. If a transaction is not recorded, work from the beginning of the year.
  • Always work from the known to the unknown.

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Free Grade 10 Study Guides for Download

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