20 Reasons Why Cell Phones should not be allowed in School

There are many reasons that teachers, as well as parents, may want to prevent learners from carrying cell phones (mobile phones) around the school premises, more especially inside the classroom. This is the case all over the world, where cell phones are seen as disruptors that hinder the learning process at school. On this page, we discuss the 20 reasons why cell phones should not be allowed in School, which can be used for Debates, Essays and Policies:

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List of 20 Reasons Why Cell Phones should not be allowed in School

  1. Cell phones encourage playing games that are irrelevant during class
  2. Chatting and texting while learning is taking place is very common with cell phones.
  3. Cell phones may encourage cheating during tests and exams
  4. Cell phones can disturb other learners: noise, vibrations, alarms, etc.
  5. Cell phones may promote cyberbullying in Social Media.
  6. Extensive use of cell phones in school can cause a lack of a much-needed real social life during school.
  7. Cell phones make learners escape reality.
  8. Cell phones can be a great distraction for teachers.
  9. Lack of focus is common when learners use cell phones in class.
  10. Extracurricular activities suffer
  11. Unfair overall advantage amo
  12. Exam papers leaks
  13. Lack of critical thinking
  14. Student security risk
  15. Bunking
  16. Decreased socialization
  17. Online games vs physical activities
  18. Peer pressure
  19. Cell phone theft
  20. Adult content exposure

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